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Thousands Of SPIDERS Descend On Greek Town & Cover It With 300-Meter-Long Web (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Those suffering from Arachnophobia or who are just not fond of the eight-legged creatures should, for a while, stay clear of visiting Western Greece, where a 300-meter-long cobweb covered the coastal area in the town of Aitoliko. The breathtaking scenery of clear blue Mediterranean Sea waters in Aitoliko has been spoiled by a massive spiderweb, which has sprung up next to a lagoon on the shores of the town. Footage of the phenomenon shows endless layers of mesh covering the trees, the ground and all the objects in the immediate vicinity of the beach. Locals blame Tetragnatha spiders –and their quest to create large nests for mating– for spoiling the majestic scenery. Humidity and the spread of mosquitoes, providing excessive nutrition to the eight-legged creature population, may also have contributed to the unusual cobwebs smothering the plateau and its flora. Source

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