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Tsunami Hits Greenland

Portugal Fire Kills 62

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DOOM! Spanish Bullfighter Iván Fandiño Gored To Death

Hungary: Giant Rat

Maine: Rabid Fox Attacks Man

Yellowstone Earthquake Swarm

DOOM! Video Of Millions Of Dead Fish Matagorda Bay Nature Park TEXAS

Funnel Cloud Twists Out of Severe Storm in Fargo

Evil Portent For England? 20,000 Bee Swarm

Laudato Si’ Church: The Laudato Si’ Startup Challenge

LAUDATO SI CHURCH: Al Gore: God Didn’t Create Global Warming Man Did!

NJ Bobcat breaks Into Home & Holds Family Hostage!

WASHINGTON DC DOOM: 80 Dead Ducks Found In Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool!

Laudato Si Church: Cardinal Turkson To UN: Holy See Committed To Ocean Sustainability

Laudato Si Church: Archbishop José H. Gomez Blames Global Warming For Homelessness NOT The Sin OfAvarice!

NY CITY DOOM! A Plague Of Rats Invade TWO Public Schools!

China: Live Donkey Being Fed To Tigers In Zoo

Bear Breaks Into Colorado Home, "Plays" Piano

Large Tornado Touches Down In Canada With Time Lapse

Strong Earthquake Along The Peru / Ecuador Border Region - June 5, 2017

Laudato Si Church: Catholic Nancy Pelosi: Trump “Dishonoring” God With Paris Pull Out

SODOMITE Mumps Outbreak Declared In LA County After More Than 40 Diagnoses

Minnesota SOMALI MUSLIM Measles Outbreak Exceeds Last Year's Nationwide Numbers

Mysterious Shark Die-Offs Occurring Near San Francisco Bay

Germans Freak Out Over Trump's Paris Pull Out

Norway DOOM! Riderless Horse Impaled On Fence!

Black Bear Attack Stopped With One Punch! Fire River Ontario